CRP – Does Your Level Indicate You Have Heart Disease?

Someone said that what ever did not kill us, makes us stronger. I don’t know that I agree but it is for sure that nature only provides what we need. For instance, if you want callouses on your hands do some manual labor, you will have them soon. The inflammation in our body that attacks our brain, heart and other organs makes them stronger if the inflammation can be moderated. When it overcomes our bodies ability to deal with it, the inflammation becomes harmful. level switch manufacturer

CRP is a measure of inflammation. It stands for C-Reactive Protein. Since half of the 1.5 million heart attacks will occur in people with few or no traditional risk factors, Medical Researchers are looking for other markers that may point to risk in these seemingly risk-factor free individuals. Traditional risk factors are smoking, old age, male sex, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, inactivity, and high cholesterol. A new one is elevated high sensitivity CRP (hsCRP).

Normal hsCRP is.1-.3 mg/liter of blood. Above that you have increased risk of heart attack or brain attack also called a stroke. Both are caused by injury to the delicate lining of the arteries called the intima. Anti-oxidants help prevent this damage to delicate tissues and the blood fats associated with the intima. The process of damage is called oxidation because it is caused by chemical compounds called free-radicals that steal tiny particles called electrons from normal tissue. When this happens the tissue is damaged and when it happens many many times a day, it may be irreparable.

What can you do to prevent this? There are enough things to include in another article, but a brief list would include eating sufficient fresh fruits and vegetables, regular exercise, enough sleep, avoid tobacco and excess alcohol. There are several more things you can do and several you can measure.

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