Interested in Catnip Cat Toys?

Catnip cat toys are a great gift for any of your feline friends. Which types should be acquired for kitty? A catnip mouse always ranks highly. Felines enjoy stalking and chasing down victims as prey, and they are an ideal combination of hunting and the love of all things catnip.

Plasticized catnip mice are wonderful for knocking across hard surfaces since they go flying easily so your feline friend can pursue it with predatorial intent. These are inexpensive and it’s easy to buy a bag of several for just a few bucks. Bigger, more real mice also exist, ideally suited for more intent wrestling and rabbit kicking your little friend will enjoy. Often the bigger ones will have come with bells on, as it were, sewn to or in the interior of the toy such that your hunter will love the catnip scent and the musical jingling breaking the silence of the night you’ve become so attached to. Scratch and Purr

Are there more toys out there? Beyond mice exist several more catnip infused delights. To be sure, several cat toys can be refilled with catnip via a pouch that you just place more in. If you buy bulk catnip then you can keep them fresh a long time. Certain types are simply containers for catnip. They might look like an ordinary cloth bag, or possibly more artistically rendered items like food your feline might recognize. Keep in mind a refillable item will be enjoyable for longer, as catnip is more potent when fresh, thus having more value.

Another popular toy is catnip scented balls for chasing around. Much like the small mice, these are best suited to a smooth floor, since they will have enhanced rollability and your little friend will enjoy attacking them, thus getting more exercise. Some cat toys can hung over door frames or mounted to walls, so on occasion of their attack by your crazy cat, they bounce to and fro, and cats will assume that these are worth a fight, and therefore more necessary to attack!

Keep in mind that for sanitation and hygiene concerns, usually toys are non-returnable as they may have been licked and drooled on. Catnip doesn’t go in them by accident, of course! As noted previously, a multitude of catnip cat toys exist and of course they’re always fun!

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