Minimise Shopping Cart Abandonment with the Right Shopping Cart Software

A great percentage of online shoppers abandon a shopping cart before completing the checkout process. Industry research reports as much as 75% of shoppers abandon the shopping cart before purchasing. Learn tips on what you need from your shopping cart software so as to reduce this significant statistic, and increase your conversion rate.

A Checkout Funnel with a Small Number of Steps 레플리카쇼핑몰

Your shopping cart software should support a conversion friendly checkout process. The main purpose of most shopping carts is to generate sales, therefore you would assume that the lesser number of clicks a user has to perform to purchase a product, the less likely they are to abandon the process.

Industry research reports that shopping cart software supporting a 2 to 3 step checkout process is ideal.

Place Shipping Types Before the Checkout Process

Before customers add their product to the shopping cart, many want to know if they can get their product before a particular date, or the next day. Therefore, you should think about presenting shipping types on your product pages, before the customer adds their product to the shopping cart.

Place Shipping Costs Early in the Checkout Process

When customising your shopping cart and checkout process you should place shipping prices early on in the checkout process, and if possible on your product pages.

You want to build up a trustworthy relationship with your potential customers especially throughout the vulnerable checkout process; therefore you should customise you shopping cart and checkout process so as to present them with the total cost of their product. Nobody wants to be billed at the last minute for VAT and shipping costs, when throughout the shopping cart process they have been under the assumption that the total cost has been presented to them.

Show Stock Availability

The best shopping cart software enables you to present users with stock availability before the user places their product in the shopping cart. By giving your user this information before they get to the checkout process, it saves disappointing your customer later in the checkout process once you have gained their trust and they have made the decision to buy

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