Review of the Realme GT by Health Coach


Realme GT is one of the latest handsets available from. This mobile phone is loaded with features that ensure a better communication experience, ranging from the amazing ring tone capacity to its extensive video features. All these features make Realme one of the most sought after phones in the market. realme gt

The Realme GT5 features an ocean core (Single-core, Single-threaded, Dual-threaded, Multi-processor) processor, Adreno processor, and a powerful 8 GB RAM. Samsung has included a bundle of connectivity features, which allow the Realme GT5 to support the high-end features like 3G connectivity, HD video playback, and the web browser to name a few. There are various connectivity options available in the form of the micro-SD and the SIM card, besides a mobile phone adapter. Realme GT5 also comes with a free VPN service that allows the user to connect to the internet using a Wi-Fi enabled computer.

The Realme GT5 is a powerful smartphone, which is loaded with plenty of exciting features. Users can access the various functions of the Realme through the widget menu or through the built in keyboards. The built in keyboards of the Realme help in providing a great typing experience to the users. The Realme smartphone also offers a unique feature to use the HTC Sense widget to access text messages, emails and other important data from the Realme. The innovative function also allows the user to surf the net using the HTC Explorer.

The Realme GT5 has some unique features like the front-facing camera, video recorder, and the high-end connectivity features. The video recording features on the Realme GT5 allow people to capture their precious moments with their mobile phones. The phone has a 5.2-inch Super AMOLED capacitive screen which offers vibrant colours and clear viewing. It has a modern design and the internal memory storage is expandable. The phone has a large 3000mAh battery which supports users to talk for long hours without facing any trouble.

The Realme GT5 has a built in flash drive, which acts as the primary storage for all the images and videos. Moreover, the Realme GT5 also includes an interface camera with a built in LCD panel. The Camera Connection Kit with the Realme GT5 enables the user to connect their digital camera with their smart phone via the Bluetooth mode. In order to support the HD camera feature of the Realme, the smartphone has a front facing HD camera which is supported by the MTDI interface. The Realme also features a full QWERTY keyboard which can be customized to provide the best possible user experience. Apart from this, the Realme has four physical keypad buttons as well as a volume control key for the ultimate convenience.

The two main battery levels of the Realme GT5 are the low powered iSD level and the turbo powered ALifexpress. The ALifexpress battery can be charged up to ten times more than the iSD battery, allowing users to enjoy a fully charged Realme while on the go. However, the ALifexpress also comes with its own disadvantages such as its limited connectivity and the fact that it has a limited memory storage. The ALifexpress also lacks some of the advanced functionalities of the Realme such as the gesture control for panning and scanning.

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