Skateboarding Trick Tips

Skateboarding has become very popular again after losing a bit of popularity in the eighties and  nineties. It all started in the seventies with west coast surfers who where looking for a way to carry on with their surfing during the winter months and invented the first skateboard.

If you are looking to get into skateboarding for the first time there are a number of things that you must look for to make your skateboarding hobby enjoyable for many years to come. Try to buy the best skateboard that you can afford as many of the cheap boards available are not very good quality and will make learning the basics and any tricks like a skateboard kick flip harder for you. Also a cheap board will not last as long as a quality skateboard and you might find yourself replacing it sooner than you think.

Also think what type of skateboarding you want to do. Do you want to do bowl riding or just ride on the streets. Do you want to do downhill racing or do you want to learn tricks like a skateboard kick flip or other stunts. There are many places that you can learn some skateboarding trick tips from online once you have got your new board. You should consider all this and do some research before you buy your first board.

If you are a total beginner I would recommend getting a free style board to begin with. This will be the easiest board for you to learn the basics of skateboarding and will be good for most of your needs in the beginning. A freestyle board will have a wide deck with a kick tail and come with medium width trucks and soft to medium grade wheels which is perfect for a beginner. Once you get some skateboarding trick tips you will find that this type of board will be perfect for doing tricks on. You can get a good complete freestyle skateboard for around $100 which will be of good quality and will take all the knocks that you will inevitably give it when learning the basics. You could also build your own board  by buying the component parts like the deck, trucks and wheels separately and putting it all together yourself. This would give you a unique skateboard that would be different from everyone else’s which counts for a lot in the skateboarding world! electric skateboard spares

Also join some of the online skateboarding forums. These will give you a wealth of information and give you tips on buying your first skateboard and give you son great skateboarding trick tips. You might even make some new skateboarding friends!

Also I would recommend getting a good helmet and some elbow and knee pads. These will save you from a lot of cuts and bruises when you are starting out. It may not be cool to wear all the safety gear but when starting out you will fall off your skateboard a lot and it can be the difference between giving up this great sport or carrying on and learning the joys of  skateboarding for many years to come.

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