The Best of Social Networking Apps

The growth of Smartphones in the past few years has been phenomenal. Nearly everyone now uses a Smartphone; if you’re reading this article it is quite possible that you’re reading it from your Smartphone. Nearly all sectors have been influenced by this growth. Social media has been one such sector where Smartphones have made a huge difference in its growth. The growth rate has been instrumental. Everyone is connected socially 24*7 due to these smart devices. You do not need to sit on your laptop or desktop after going back home after work and log in to a social network to be connected to several people.

Here are some Social Networking Apps that have changed or influenced the lives of millions all around the world one way or the other:

WhatsApp Messenger: gbwhatsapp

You do not pay $19 Billion to acquire just any other company, and Whatsapp certainly isn’t just “any other company”. Facebook recently paid 19 big ones to acquire this messenger service. Whatsapp is a cross-platform messenger which works on nearly all Smartphone operating systems. Along with messages you can send images, audio, video and GPS locations in a really easy and effective way. And all this totally free (Except the initial download cost in iOS).

How this changed life: Before going out we all send a “Selfie” to our best friends to get the final verdict on how we look. Or don’t we?


Next up is Vine. This is a video sharing app allows users to make short/mini videos and share them to a feed very similar to other social networks. It has become very popular among many production houses and advertisement agencies for launching teasers and trailers. Also used for product commercials.

How this changed life: Changed the whole outlook on how we look at videos! You can spend hours watching a 6-second video, weird right?


Let me elaborate a little on the word “Selfie” which I used in the above section. It was named as Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year. That pretty much sums up the impact Social Media has and photographs have on the entire world. Instagram has been a leading factor for the promotion of the word “Selfie”. It is an image sharing Social network which is simple, fast and quite fun to be honest. It has features just like any other social network; the images that you share goes to on to a feed, you can follow other and get followed. There are even some preloaded filters to apply to your pictures before sharing them. Cross-network sharing (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc) is also available.

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