Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Nebulizer Compressor

A few years back, asthma used to be a rare ailment, but with the passage of time, it has become quite common even in the newborn children. There are several factors causing it, but let’s stay with the topic here.

The nebulizer compressor has emerged out as a highly effective remedy for the people suffering from breathing disorders. Earlier in time, one could only benefit from it by visiting hospitals or doctors. However, with the invention nebulizer machine price of portable nebulizer, the need was diminished to only the severe cases of asthma attack. Over the years, it has become a common product and can be purchased at any local medical shop.

Over an extended period of usage, patients may come across some problems while using their nebulizer compressor. The most common problems being the elongated hours of treatment once the product gets old or ineffectiveness. Most of the people don’t know that it can be caused by the clogged inlet air filter or the malfunctioning of the medication cup.

Let us begin with the basic terminologies before we begin with the tips. The machine that you use is called the ‘compressor’. The equipment containing the medicine that you hold in your hand is called the ‘nebulizer’. This is the reason why we call the complete setup as a nebulizer compressor.

Now that we have come clear of the terminologies, the following tips can really help you in making the most of your equipment:


    • The first thing to check regularly (in a month or two) is the inlet filters. Look at the color. If you find any unusual change, you might need to replace the filters. There is no fixed time that can be advised to all in general as it depends on the user and the usage.


    • For proper functioning of a nebulizer compressor, you need to make sure that the air passage is not restricted. If the dust or dirt accumulates itself in the passage, the airflow will be restricted, extending the overall time of your treatment.


  • Some of the medication cups are disposable ones. Do check the instructions before buying so you can keep a track. If you have the disposable ones, you must change them every week or two. The long time medication cups are crafted with higher grade of plastic and can be used for as long as 6 months effectively.


Keeping these tips in mind, you can use your nebulizer compressor effectively for longer periods without facing any issue. For further information about your particular model, you must refer to the leaflet or instruction manual that comes in the package.

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